There is so much you can do with the wool once it’s reached you as the end user. Here’s some of our favourite things to do. 

Reuse it as packaging. Keep it and use it the next time you need to send something. 

Reuse it in the garden. 

It’s a fantastic natural slug deterrent (the wool has micro-barbs on it, making it uncomfortable for slugs to slide across it). 

It’s a brilliant natural fertiliser. Either put it in the soil (whole or broken up) or put it in the compost. It breaks down naturally with oodles of great nutrients for your plants. 

Use it as weed preventer. Put it around the base of your plants or flower beds to prevent weed growth (it doesn’t last forever mind, it does biodegrade) 

Use it as a basket liner. Because it’s naturally water repellant, it’s great for lining beds, baskets and pots. 

Compost it with everything else. 

Use it as insulation. Either in the home or for your pets.

Use it as pet bedding. It’s great for your chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs or any other small animal. It could be used in your dog beds, as long as it’s used as an internal material. 

Felt it: you can reuse if you’re particularly crafty. 

Make it circular (returns)

If you would rather send it straight back to us, you can. We’ll use it again and put it straight back into the process.