Our wool flat wrap and filler packaging will help you on your journey to greener pastures.

Wool packaging is the ideal alternative to synthetic filler materials such as bubble wrap or polystyrene.

If you would like to order more than 10m2 on a regular basis, contact us directly to discuss your requirements as we can produce bespoke to your needs. The ways we can be flexible are:

Width: Any pre-cut widths between a minimum of 25cm and maximum of 198cm. Anything in between is possible.

Length: Minimum length is 25cm, maximum length really is unlimited. 

Thickness: We’re currently supplying 500gsm which is relatively thin, but we can produce 800gsm or 1000gsm for thicker wool.

With bespoke sizing requests, we can supply in either pads or rolls, depending on the length or your preference. 

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For much larger orders, we can experiment further with:

Natural Colour: This will require a significant order quantity, but we have access to lots of types of wool. If it needs to be springier, or if you would like a black wool, for example, we could look to souce it. 

Scent: If your brand has a signature scent, we would sent the wool 

Applied Colour: If you would rather have something that is very brand specific, we have the ability to dye the wool to a colour similar to your brand pallet. Only 1 colour can be applied per run. 

For all orders, we require minimum 5 days notice.

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Sustainability, Our Process

The first bit is easy. Sheep across Britian get too fluffy and they are sheared. All the wool is collected by The British Wool Board and then taken to market. 

We’ll skip the bit about trading process, but once we have purchased the ‘greasy’ wool (dirty wool with vegetable matter in it) it gets washed (or scoured). 

The washing process is as environmentally friendly as it can be, the water is recycled and pumped straight back to the sewage plant to be cleaned. All of the vegetable matter that is removed from the process is put back onto the land as fertilizer. 

Once the wool is washed, it then gets produced into the packaging for us. That process too limits waste as much as possible. Any smaller bits of wool that fall out of the process are collected up and are given away to farmers as animal bedding. 

At every stage of the process, waste is limited and by-products are then positively reused and repurposed. It’s good from start to finish.

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Luxury Packaging - Cheviot British Wool (1m²)
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Standard Packaging - British Brown Wool (1m²)
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Natural Feel Packaging - British Swaledale (1m²)
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Wool For Every Need

Save Money, Save The Planet.

By switching to WoolShip you could save up to £200 per tonne of plastic packaging, since you’ll no longer be required to pay the Plastic Packaging Tax.

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Second Life for Wool

There is so much your customers can do with the wool once it reaches them as the end user. Here are some ideas you can suggest to your customers.

Reuse it as packaging

Keep it and use it the next time you need to send something

Reuse it in the garden.

It’s a fantastic natural slug deterrent (the wool has micro-barbs on it, making it uncomfortable for slugs to slide across it). 

It’s a brilliant natural fertiliser. Either put it in the soil (whole or broken up) or put it in the compost. It breaks down naturally with oodles of great nutrients for your plants. 

Use it as weed preventer. Put it around the base of your plants or flower beds to prevent weed growth (it doesn’t last forever mind, it does biodegrade) 

Use it as a basket liner. Because it’s naturally water repellant, it’s great for lining beds, baskets and pots. 

Compost it with everything else. 

Use it as insulation. Either in the home or for your pets.

Use it as pet bedding. It’s great for your chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs or any other small animal. It could be used in your dog beds, as long as it’s use as an internal material. 

Felt it: you can reuse if you’re particularly crafty. 

Make It Circular (Returns)

It you would rather send it straight back to us, you can. We’ll use it again and put it straight back into the process.