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Dispensable Wrap - Filler Packaging (400m)

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    Orders for between 1 and 10 x 1 square meters are held in stock and ready to be shipped on the same day with a delivery window of between 2-3 business days. 

    *Lead time for our luxury Cheviot British Wool and Natural Feel British Swaledale Wool is currently 5-10 days, plus shipping.*

    Any orders over 10 x 1 square meter, or custom/bespoke products have a lead time of 5-10 days, plus shipping. We can arrange for next day delivery once production has been completed if this is required (please make this clear during the ordering process). 

    All shipping will be done using the most environmentally friendly method available. 

    Refunds information

    Please see more information about our Refund Policy here.

    Product Details

    The sustainable alternative to wrap or filler packaging (bubble wrap, polystyrene peanuts paper, polymer-based materials etc). 

    This is a long and soft rope of wool. Its perfect for gift wrapping, or using as filler if you have different or awkwardly shaped products. This is great if you want a brilliant unboxing experience for your customers. It really does look the business (and is the best in the business for our planet). 

    Available in rolls of 400m, you can cut to your own length or dispense how you like, we recommend using upholstery scissors. 

    Perfect for wrapping around products or lining boxes.

    It’s brilliantly protective, very flexible and definitely doesn’t matter if it gets wet.


    As a natural material, tiny microfibres will shed continuously. We can’t do anything about this, but they’re harmless and completely acceptable when you’re buying environmentally friendly packaging material.


    There is a chance that the wool product will smell slightly when opened, depending on the outer packaging you are using. It’s not a bad smell (it’s quite sweet) and it dissipates quickly when the product and packaging are out in the open.

    Give it a Second Life

    Your customer can further benefits from this wonder material. Of course they can reuse as packing. But it's also great in the garden, as pet bedding, insulation and more.

    Check out our sustaina'wool' page for more ideas!